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Q: Do I need to be referred?

A: No (unless your insurance requires it).


Q: Do you perform surgery?

A: Yes, we have surgical privileges at all of the area hospitals (outpatient surgery). We perform some surgical procedures in the office.


Q: Do I have to live with my foot pain?

A: You DO NOT have to live with constant foot pain. Most causes of foot pain are treatable and usually do not require surgery. For difficult cases, we also offer EPAT® (Shockwave Therapy)  


Q: What insurance plans do you participate with?

A: We participate with most insurance plans. Please call one of our offices to find out if we participate with your insurance plan or see list.


Q: Does Medicare cover toenail cutting?

A: In many cases, yes. It depends on other conditions you may have, such as your circulation, nail disease, etc. This would be evaluated at your initial visit.


Q: I think I have an ingrown nail. If I need an numbing injection, how bad will it hurt?

A: If a local anesthetic injection is required, we would take various measures to decrease the pain of the injection such as using a spray to freeze the skin prior to the injection, using a tiny needle, and injecting in a less tender area of the toe.


Q: I think I may have broken one of my toes. Does this need to be treated?

A: If a toe fracture is significantly displaced or extends into the joint, you could end up with chronic pain in the toe. We would obtain x-rays in our office and advise you on proper treatment. 


Q: Do you do house calls?

A: We do not do house calls.


Q: I have already tried over-the-counter inserts and I am still having foot pain. Is there anything more that can be done?

A: We offer a wide variety of treatments for foot pain. Custom foot orthotics are a very effective treatment for foot pain. Our orthotics are made from plaster impression casts or digital scans of the feet as well as measurements we obtain. Please be aware that over-the-counter inserts that claim to be "custom" are still off-the-shelf and not truly custom made.


Q: Do you see Workers' Compensation patients?

A: No, we are not Workers' Compensation providers.


Q: Do you perform laser treatment for fungal toenails?

A: Yes (LunulaLaser®).  


Q: Do you accept No-Fault?

A: No.

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